Spring . 20 – a celebration of SUN.days ...

Spring . 20 – a celebration of SUN.days ...

Spring . 20 – a celebration of SUN.days ...

Them ; "I like your outfit."

Me ; "Thanks.  You're kind."

Them ; "Where did you get it?"

Me ; "#imakemyownclothes"

Them ; "Oh wow, do you sell them."

Me ; "No."

Them ; "You should."

Me (after 3 years) ; "Oh, ok then." 

Bless 2020 and it's messiness.  The COVID.19 experience has unfolded so differently for everyone but I, among many, have found myself sans job and with surplus sweet time to consider life and the next chapter ...

Being lucky to be of the first world, I assumed my general procrastination position of 'creativeness' and began sewing and gardening.  And sewing.  And gardening.  And seriously, it gets to the point where one really has enough clothes.  And not much more space in lé garden.

So to 'proper' work I do go.

Thank you SO MUCH if you are reading my first muse!  I hope you like my new website and the first seeds of my collection.  Birthed totally from intuition, it seems to be a mash of floating dresses, the tiniest of sun suits, frills, flowers, animal prints, organic fabrics - with a topping of metallics.

In short, all the things I (and hopefully WE) love.

But MORE than original design and locally crafted FAR-SI-ON I hope, as has always been my retail heart, to share so much more than THINGS ...

Being at home this season has reminded me how much I believe in LOVE and the possibility of a big, beautiful life in our world.  The SUN is amazing.  PEOPLE are amazing.  FLOWERS are amazing.  LAUGHTER, THE BEACH, BOOKS, CREATIVITY, FRIENDS, FOOD, COFFEE, WINE, oh and ROLLER SKATING ... Don't you just feel so blessed to be alive and amongst it all?  I truly pray that you do!

My heart can't wait to take a new fashion journey.  I hope that we can walk in the sunshine, together.  For this Spring. 20 and beyond. 

Special Thanks to ;
My Brother Ben – for always listening to my ideas, letting me drive his car and helping me so much with my photos.
Sweet Clarity – for being my inspiration.
My Mumma – for buying me a new overlocker!
My darling friends (especially Yannick & Stacey) – for being friends that will ride both the bus or the limousine with you in life.
The Cruize Espresso girls – for making me so much coffee and encouraging me endlessly to 'do it'!
Rochelle – also for always believing in me and encouraging me back to a career in fashion.
My Aunt Mandy – for turning up at 7am to help me with my first trunk show!
TVM – a new entrepreneurial community to be a part of ... 

POLLY EVANS is a creative fashion & lifestyle space inspired about big, beautiful lives.  Based on the Gold Coast in Australia, all creations are original design and hand crafted in house.  We believe in colour, creativity, nature and above all ... love.  Our heart favours inclusivity above exclusivity and invites you to be involved in our journey.


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