I Just Called ...

I Just Called ...

I Just Called ...

Recently, I have been noticing a lot of botox.

Perhaps it is because I live on the Gold Coast.  Or not.

This practice of course extends further than our South Queensland postcodes and wider than the practice of facial fillers.  Cosmetic surgery is a thing and truly, it leaves me wondering why ...

May I begin this muse with a disclaimer? 

My heart is not to judge anyone that has chosen to include injectables in their life.  Women, since forever, have been adorning themselves and exploring NEW techniques of enhancing their features.  I actually think this is really healthy. And beautiful.
We have been given incredible bodies!  And faces!  And features.  It's such a gift to be the best we can be – whether that be relevant to our appearance, our homes, our work or our communing with others.

But as I find myself faced with more and more artificial, I find myself wondering ... when does healthy self respect cross the line into vanity, the fuel for a commercial industry and potentially, seeds of unhealthy self esteem?

A friend of mine found herself at a gathering the other day, where the conversation found itself in the botox lane.  All the parties were talking ever casually about their 'work'.  Yes, the 'what do you do?' question ... But not relating to occupation.  The subject was cosmetic work.

And just as a stay at home Mother has to brace herself to give the same answer, she had to emotionally prepare herself to casually say, "Oh, nothing."

Cue, awkward silence.

Bless her heart.  She's the type that can tell her truth whilst all parties remain at ease but the obvious continuation to the 'chat' is the question, 'Why?' ...

Why do people get cosmetic work done?
Why don't they?
Why DO people work in the cosmetic industry?
Why don't they?
Why IS the cosmetic industry growing at the craziest  economic rate?

There are a lot of answers and angles to these questions.  But in my heart, I find myself wondering, wandering and wishing ... 

For women (and men too) everywhere know how truly beautiful they are.  Not because they have big lips, or big boobs.  Or a high butt.  Or the right bag.  But because they were wonderfully made. 

Stitched together in the most miraculous way in their mothers womb and living everyday because of the draw dropping complexity of their biological system.  We are so much more than our external, and whilst important to care for, the first thing to ensure we make beautiful, is our spirit.

Darling, I love you.  Let's chat another time.

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