Garden Club.

Garden Club.

Garden Club.

A little secret dream of mine is ... to start a Garden Club.

It's a not so secret group of life lovers.  Who plant seeds.  Water them.  Weed them.  Love them.  And pick the most delicious fruits and flowers!
We share ideas.  Skills.  Learnings.  Stories.  Seeds.  And goodness – beautiful colourful, crispy, sweet, sweet, sweet, nutritious food.

Because we love it.  We talk about it with our favourite friends, which inspires them to ALSO join the Garden Club.  And before you know it – large circles of the loveliest people are growing and sharing nutrition in the most abundant ways – all over this beautiful world.  Making it even, MORE beautiful.

Will you join my Garden Club!? 


POLLY EVANS is a creative fashion & lifestyle space inspired about big, beautiful lives.  Based on the Gold Coast in Australia, all creations are original design and hand crafted in house.  We believe in colour, creativity, nature and above all ... love.  Our heart favours inclusivity above exclusivity and invites you to be involved in our journey.

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