Curious + CURIOS – er.

Curious + CURIOS – er.

Curious + CURIOS – er.

I genuinely like the concept of minimalism.  Clean lines, a simplistic colour palette, uncomplicated design ... but try as I may, it's never been an aesthetic or lifestyle I can achieve.

Colour, print, texture, story, variety ... that's where I live.  And truly, it is a nice place.
Minimalist or maximalist, it is a delight to be curious about things.  Where do they come from?  Who designed them?  Who made them?  What do they do?  How old are they?

Each item in my CURIOS edit is a found item.  In perfect condition.  I especially love to find hand crafted ceramics with delightful artist signatures underneath.  I wonder where that person is now and if they are loving their beautiful life.  I suppose we will never know.  But in consolation, we can have their creation.

POLLY EVANS is a creative fashion & lifestyle space inspired about big, beautiful lives.  Based on the Gold Coast in Australia, all creations are original design and hand crafted in house.  We believe in colour, creativity, nature and above all ... love.  Our heart favours inclusivity above exclusivity and invites you to be involved in our journey.

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